Former Graduate Students

The program at Mines represents one of the largest and most successful graduate degree programs in economic geology in the world. Since 2000, we have graduated 185 students who are now holding leadership positions in the industry, academia, and government.



Ph.D. Students (2000-present)
YearStudent NameProject TitleAdvisor
2021William AertkerGeochemistry and high-precision geochronology of the mass transfer between a skarn and sapphire metapelite within the Whitehorn stock magmatic-hydrothermal system, Colorado: A model for hydrothermal corundum R.F. Wendlandt
Dante HuffAn investigation of the igneous petrology, thermal history, and genesis of sedimentary rock-hosted Au deposits in the northern Battle Mountain District, NevadaE.A. Holley
Kairan LiuThe genesis of the Wolfram Camp tungsten-molybdenum deposit, Queensland, Australia, and the geochemistry of tungsten ore minerals Z. Chang
Tadsuda Taksavasu Fluid-fluid interaction in shallow hydrothermal systems: Implications to silica vein textures in low-sulfidation epithermal depositsT. Monecke
Erik TharalsonControls on the formation of disseminated- and vein-style low-sulfidation epithermal precious metal depositsT. Monecke
2020David Hernández UribeConstraining the tectonothermal evolution of subducted oceanic crust using thermodynamic phase equilibrium modelingR. Palin
Peter IlligThe porphyry and skarn deposits of the Chillagoe mining district, far northeast Queensland, Australia R. Goldfarb
Allison R. SeversonAcross- and along-strike structural and geochronological variations of the Nashoba-Putnam and Avalon terranes, eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, southeastern New England AppalachiansY. Kuiper
2019John DeDeckerAlteration and mineral paragenesis of the McArthur River and Fox Lake uranium deposits, Athabasca basin: A new model for the formation of unconformity-related uranium depositsT. Monecke
Halley KeevilGeochronology and metallogeny of the Junjiang basin, northeastern North China Block, with a focus on the genesis of the White Mountain sedimentary rock-hosted gold depositT. Monecke
Timothy J. MacIntyreGeology and geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-(Au) deposit, North-Western Province, ZambiaA. Gysi and M.W. Hitzman
Emily Perryhydrothermal calcite:
Insights from numerical modeling, experimental geochemistry, and mineral deposits in New Mexico
A. Gysi
Samuel PierreGeochemical controls on the fluid evolution of submarine and subaerial ore-forming hydrothermal systemsT. Monecke
Miguel Tavares NassifStructural-metallogenic evolution of the Garrison gold camp of the Archean southern Abitibi greenstone belt, Ontario, CanadaY.D. Kuiper
2018Ben M. FriemanU-Pb and Lu-Hf LA-ICP-MS detrital zircon and structural investigations in the Abitibi subprovince, Canada, with implications for Archean geodynamic processes and deformation behavior along gold-bearing, crustal-scale faultsY.D. Kuiper
Richard L. HenryLow temperature aqueous solubility of fluorite at temperatures of 5, 25, and 50°C and ionic strengths up to 0.72MW.J. Harrison
2017Wesley HallGeochronology, magnetic lithostratigraphy, and the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the late Meso- to Neoproterozoic Ghanzi Basin in Botswana and Namibia, and implications for copper-silver mineralization in the Kalahari CopperbeltM.W. Hitzman and Y.D. Kuiper
Subaru TsuruokaThe evolution of hydrothermal fluids from the deep porphyry environment to the shallow epithermal environmentT. Monecke
2015Tom MeuzelaarHydrothermal alteration of carbonaceous mudstones hosting the Eskay Creek Au deposit, British ColumbiaT. Monecke
Ryan D. TaylorOrogenic gold formation and tectonic evolution of the Grass Valley gold district and temporal correlations of gold deposits in CaliforniaT. Monecke
2013Eric AndersonAeromagnetic signature of the geology and mineral resources near the Pebble porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit, southwest AlaskaW. Zhou
David W. BroughtonGeology and ore deposits of the Central African CopperbeltM.W. Hitzman
Julie LeiboldGeochemistry and mineralogy of the alteration halo associated with the Three Crow roll-front uranium deposit, Nebraska, USAT. Monecke and R.F. Wendlandt
Jessica MatthewsThe impact of accessory minerals on the distribution of trace elements in the continental crust: An integrated petrologic and phase equilibria modeling study of migmatitesN. Kelly
John WoodheadGeology and geophysics of the Zambian CopperbeltM.W. Hitzman
2012Sophie J. HancockThe geology and hydrogeology of Lost Creek roll front uranium deposit, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA M.W. Hitzman
Elizabeth A. HolleyThe Veladero high-sulfidation epithermal Au-Ag deposit, Argentina: Volcanic stratigraphy, alteration, mineralization, and quartz paragenesisT. Monecke
Gloria P. Lopez OrregoThe El Espino iron-oxide copper gold district, Coastal Cordillera of north-central Chile M.W. Hitzman
2011Garth E. GrahamGeologic and stable isotope investigations of the Sheep Creek Cu-(Co-Ag) deposit with comparison to other sediment-hosted base metal deposits in Mesoproterozoic basinsM.W. Hitzman
2010Richard K. GlanzmanApplication of field portable X-ray fluorescence to the mining industryL.G. Closs
Jeanette E. McGillPlatinum group metal production potential: Eastern limb, Bushveld Complex, South Africa M.W. Hitzman
2007Khiyam Ahmad AlzughoulMineralization at the Calumet Mountain skarn system, North Salida, central ColoradoM.W. Hitzman and G.S. Holden
2006Paul J. BartosInnovation in the mining industry through timeM.W. Hitzman
David W. Coulter Remote sensing analysis of alteration mineralogy associated with natural acid drainage in the Grizzly Peak caldera, Sawatch Range, ColoradoT.K. Young and M.W. Hitzman
2005Efem AltinokZn-Pb-Fe mineralization process, evolution of sea water oxidation state in a restricted basin, and diagenesis of deep water calcareous sediments : geochemical and geological study of the Navan deposit, Dublin Basin, Ireland M.W. Hitzman
2003James William BarronThe stratigraphy, metamorphism, and tectonic history of the Solwezi Area, Northwest Province, Zambia: Integrating geological field observations and airborne geophysics in the interpretation of regional geologyM.W. Hitzman
2002Young-Woo KilMantle evolution associated with the Rio Grande Rift : geochemistry and geothermobarometry of upper mantle xenolithsR.F. Wendlandt
2001Diogo R.N. Rosa Metallogenesis of the Jales gold district, northern Portugal S.B. Romberger
2000Katja FreitagGeology and structure of the lower southwest orebody, Greens Creek Mine, AlaskaM.W. Hitzman and E.P. Nelson
M.S. Students (2000-present)
YearStudent NameProject TitleAdvisor
2021Andrea DistelMagmatic processes on the Asteroid 4-Vesta: Implications for differentiation of small rocky bodiesR. Palin
Alexander JonesGermanium occurrence in the Bornite deposit, southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska K. Pfaff
Duncan McIntireGeology, mineralization, alteration, and structural evolution of the Zaozigou Au-Sb deposit, West Qinling Orogen, ChinaR. Goldfarb
Samantha PascarelliShallow-water geothermal activity offshore Panarea, Aeolian island arc, ItalyT. Monecke
Stephen PiurkowskyDistal signatures of, and vectors to, hydrothermal ores in carbonates in the Candelaria-Punta del Cobre district, Chile Z. Chang
Dustin A. ShockleyProterozoic structural history of the Montezuma mining district in the central Colorado Front RangeY.D. Kuiper
2020Edward P.T. BonnerShortwave infrared spectral analysis of hydrothermal alteration in the main and southwest Tintic mining district and exploration implications of the Silver City porphyry Cu-Mo-Au prospect, Tintic mining district, Utah, USAS.M. Enders
Miranda LehmanU–Th–Pb monazite constraints on the timing of Paleoproterozoic metamorphism in Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado Front RangeR. Palin
Kelsey LivingstonThe peralkaline Mount Rosa granite: Contrasting mineralogy and geochemistry observed in the Mount Rosa granite, Pikes Peak batholith, ColoradoK. Pfaff
Logan PowellThe Proterozoic geology of the northern half of the Mount Evans 7.5-minute quadrangleY.D. Kuiper
2019Hannah CayesFormation of topaz-enriched gneiss in the east-central Colorado Front Range via crystallization of Mesoproterozoic halogen-rich granitic magmas R. Palin
Lyndsey N. FisherCharacterization of the mineralized albitite bodies at Biggejavri, Kautokeino Greenstone Belt, Finnmark, Northern NorwayK. Pfaff
Justin LoweA petrographic, geochemical, and geochronological investigation of gold mineralization at the Lone Tree gold mine, Battle Mountain, Nevada E.A. Holley
Asha MahatmaThe Proterozoic history of the southern half of the Mount Evans 7.5-minute quadrangle : Evidence for a ca. 1.4 Ga orogenic event in the central Front Range, ColoradoY.D. Kuiper
Jeffrey McKeonEvidence for a subseafloor replacement origin of the Cretaceous Palma volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, central PeruT. Monecke
Zachary PalmerThe nature and timing of metamorphism within the San Isabel granite aureole, Wet Mountains, south ColoradoR. Palin
Carolyn PaulyMineralogy and petrogenesis of the California Blue mine aquamarine- and topaz-bearing pegmatite deposit, San Bernardino County, California A. Gysi
Isaac SimonCharacterization of pentlandite-bearing quartz veins of Kambalda, Western Australia K. Pfaff
Helen ThomasBulk compositional controls on mineral assemblages in metamorphosed ore deposits : an example from the LaRonde-Penna gold-rich VHMS deposit, Quebec, Canada N. Kelly
Helen TwiggThe geology of Kakanda, D.R.C. : Implications for lithological and structural controls of Cu-Co mineralization of the Roan group S. Enders, M.W. Hitzman
Christopher J. Van HoozenThe hydrothermal solubility of monazite rare earth element endmembersA. Gysi
2018Michael L. BergerGeology and mineralization of the Pajarita mountain layered peralkaline syenitic pluton-hosted REE-Zr prospect, Mescalero Apache Reservation, New Mexico R.F. Wendlandt and A. Gysi
Kim A. ConeRefining crystal size distributions and kinetic histories using automated scanning electron microscopy and manual methods : A hybrid approachR.F. Wendlandt
Lauren C. FoilesR-mode factor analysis of stream sediment data in the Fairbanks mining district, east-central Alaska E.A. Holley
Emilie GentryCharacterizing the southwestern extent of the Norumbega fault system, a mid-Paleozoic crustal-scale strike-slip fault system in the New England Appalachians Y.D. Kuiper
Lauren R. ZeeckThe role of flashing in the formation of high-grade, low-sulfidation epithermal deposits: A case study from the Omu Camp in Hokkaido, Japan T. Monecke
2017Grainne M. ByrneGeometries and genesis of breccias within the halokinetic Kalukundi diapir at the Mashitu mine, Katanga, Democratic Republic of CongoM.W. Hitzman and Y.D. Kuiper
Xinran HeOrigin and evolution of the Rocky Pond slice, an enigmatic tectonic block in eastern Massachusetts Y.D. Kuiper
Michael J. HurthGeologic investigation of iron occurrences in the Katangan and Damaran successions of southern Africa: A comparative studyA. Gysi and M.W. Hitzman
Johana M. Pedraza RojasGeologic controls on alteration and mineralization at the Wharf mine, South Dakota E.A. Holley
Philip PerssonThe geochemical and mineralogical evolution of the Mount Rosa complex, El Paso County, Colorado, USA K. Pfaff
Timothy O. WyattThe residence of uranium in roll front deposits: A case studyK. Pfaff
2016Nicole K. AllenStructurally controlled Cu-Zn-(Co-Pb) mineralization in the Neoproterozoic Ombombo subgroup, Kaokoland, NamibiaM.W. Hitzman and Y.D. Kuiper
Steffen M. BallHydrothermal nickel sulfide hosted in Neoproterozoic carbonate and evaporitic rocks of the Menda Central prospect, Democratic Republic of Congo M.W. Hitzman
Mario GuzmanGeology, vein petrography and mineral chemistry of the North Amethyst deposit, Creede mining district, Creede, Colorado T. Monecke
Mandi B. HutchinsonREE enrichment in weathered carbonatite, Bull Hill: Bear Lodge mountains, WyomingM.W. Hitzman and R.F. Wendlandt
Madison LytleThe Proterozoic history of the Idaho Springs-Ralston shear zone: Evidence for a widespread ca. 1.4 Ga orogenic event in central ColoradoY.D. Kuiper
Patrick QuigleyThe spectrum of ore deposit types, their alteration and volcanic setting in the Penokean volcanic belt, Great Lakes region, USAT. Monecke
Ashley QuigleySetting of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Penokean volcanic belt, Great Lakes region, USA T. Monecke
Wiley B. SkewesEvolution of magmatic-hydrothermal systems below boiling conditions: Evidence from the C?o?pler Au-Cu deposit, east central TurkeyT. Monecke
2015Robert D. CharnockOrigin and evolution of the southeastern Merrimack belt, Massachusetts Y.D. Kuiper
Douglas T. ConnerThe geology of the Bornite copper-zinc-cobalt carbonate-hosted deposit, southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska M.W. Hitzman
Matthew D. DyeMineralogical characterization and paragenesis of the Cripple Creek deposit, Colorado N. Kelly
Jae EricksonRare-earth element mineralization and formation of the Iron Hill carbonatite complex, Gunnison County, Colorado K. Pfaff
Matthew T. FithianGeology, geochemistry and geochronology of the Marigold mine, Battle Mountain-Eureka trend, NevadaE.A. Holley and N. Kelly
Gregory HuffordTectono-hydrothermal evolution of the Neoarchean Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada: New insights from the Timiskaming assemblage T. Monecke
Teresa A. JohnsonPetrology and geochemistry of the mafic and ultramafic dikes and intrusions in Aitkin, Pine and Carlton counties, Minnesota R.F. Wendlandt
Corey J. MeighanPT evolution of Sentinel Cu deposit, northwestern ZambiaN. Kelly and M. Hitzman
2014Mitchell M. BennettCathodoluminescence and fluid inclusion characteristics of hydrothermal quartz from porphyry depositsT. Monecke and N. Kelly
Timothy G. GrossControls and distribution of Cu-Au mineralization that developed the Island Mountain deposit, Whistler property, southcentral Alaska N. Kelly
Harry HannemanMineralogy and geochemistry of carbonaceous mudstone as a vector to ore: A case study at the Lagunas Norte high-sulfidation gold deposit, PeruT. Monecke
Jena LongStructural controls on roll-front mineralization at the Buss Pit deposit, Gas Hills district, WyomingT. Monecke
Olivia OsegueraThe significance of magma mingling and mixing during the formation of the host-rock successions of Archean massive sulfide deposits in the Noranda camp, Abitibi subprovince, QuebecT. Monecke
Justin C. PalmerStructural geology and geochemistry of sedimentary rock-hosted gold in the eastern Nadaleen Trend, Yukon Territory, Canada Y.D. Kuiper
2013Patricia L. CapistrantGeology of the Enterprise hydrothermal nickel deposit, eastern Kabompo Dome, North-Western Province, ZambiaM.W. Hitzman
Wesley S. HallGeology and paragenesis of the Boseto copper deposits, Kalahari Copperbelt, northwest Botswana M.W. Hitzman
Michael HendricksonGeology of the Fishtie copper deposit, Central Province, Zambia M. Hitzman
Nicholas KerrGeology of the Stonepark Zn-Pb prospects, County Limerick, Ireland M.W. Hitzman
Owen NichollsMineralization related to the biotite syenite at the Money Knob intrusion-related gold deposit, Livengood, Alaska T. Monecke
Anne RahfeldMineralogical and geochemical fingerprints of alteration associated with the Cripple Creek alkaline-magmatic Au-Te deposit, Colorado N. Kelly
Tim StockhausenThe Upper Conglomerate and its importance to the Sierra Mojada Ag-Zn deposit system, Coahuila, Mexico M.W. Hitzman
Erik Roger TharalsonUnderstanding the role of footwall sulfur, ore mineralogy, and igneous stratigraphy in the formation of the Serpentine magmatic Cu-Ni deposit, Duluth Complex, northeastern MinnesotaT. Monecke
2012Elisabeth EasleyGeochemical characterization of the Waunita Hot Springs geothermal reservoir: Gunnison County, Colorado R.F. Wendlandt
Jeff EdelenGeology of the Cerro Jumil gold skarn deposit, MexicoT. Monecke
Laura GarcharGeochemistry of a volcanic hydrothermal system at Mount Spurr, AlaskaR.F. Wendlandt
Robert NowakThe nature and significance of high-grade metamorphism and intense deformation in the Izok VHMS alteration halo and depositN. Kelly
Andrew RittsTexture and composition of pyrite contained in the mudstone host of the Eskay Creek sulfide and sulfosalt deposit, British Columbia T. Monecke and N. Kelly
Danielle S. SchmandtStratigraphy and mineralization of the Kamoa copper deposit, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo M.W. Hitzman
2011John GibbonsMineralogical and geochemical vectors to mineralization at the Hoyle Pond gold mine, Timmins, Ontario T. Monecke
Michael J. KirschbaumGeology of the Guelb Moghrein iron oxide-copper-gold depositM.W. Hitzman
2010Brandon D. LewisGeology of the Toboggan gold-telluride prospects, Murray, Idaho M.W. Hitzman
Jocelyn RossA geometallurgical study at the Bingham Canyon mine, Utah: Analyzing mineralogical and textural parameters impacting rock breakageM.W. Hitzman and K.O. Hoal
Chris R. SironGeology of the Little Whiteman carbonate-hosted replacement deposit, western Fortymile district, east-central AlaskaM.W. Hitzman
Michael TedeschiGeology of the Cerro Verde iron oxide-copper-gold prospect: San Javier, Sonora, MexicoM.W. Hitzman
2009Walter Valery Garcia WongGeology of the Milagros project, Alto Chicama district, La Libertad, PeruM.W. Hitzman and J.W. Hedenquist
2008Michael Patrick SheehanOre genesis of the Monywa copper complex, Monywa, MyanmarL.G. Closs
Jane G. StammerGeochemical and mineralogical analysis of the Chukar footwall gold deposit, northeastern Nevada M.G. Hitzman
2007Bridget A. BallThe petrology of sulfide and PGE-bearing zones in the lower portion of the Lake Owen layered mafic intrusion, Albany County, WyomingM.W. Hitzman
Greg Lee MeltonGeochemical characterization of mantle xenoliths and the Herring Park Basalt and their association to the Rio Grande RiftR.F. Wendlandt
Catherine E. MorganAlteration of the Bootstrap Limestone, northern Carlin Trend, Elko Country, Nevada J. Humphrey
James F. VenendaalTrace element geochemistry and carbonate alteration as indicators for gold mineralization at the Cortez Hills deposit, Lander County, Nevada L.G. Closs
Desiree Tenille WentlandCopper and platinum group element mineralization in the Revais Creek Intrusion, Flathead Indian Reservation, Sanders County, MontanaM.W. Hitzman
2006Eric Earnest EckbergGeology and mineral paragenesis of the Copper Hill area, NW Gillis Range, Walker River Indian Reservation, Mineral County, NevadaM.W. Hitzman
Shawana M. GilbertsonPhoenix district exploration target evaluation based on integrated 3-D geology, geochemistry, and geophysics, Lander Country, Nevada L.G. Closs
Ronald GutierrezGeology of the Huevos Verdes silver-gold vein system, San Jose district, Deseado Massif, Patagonia, Argentina E.P. Nelson
John S. LienCharacterization of the Black Mountain gold-mineralizing system, east-central Alaska S.B. Romberger
Timothy J. MacIntyreFault-controlled hydrocarbon-related bleaching and sediment-hosted copper mineralization of the Jurassic Wingate Sandstone at the Cashin mine, Montrose County, ColoradoM.W. Hitzman
Celso L. Palacios C.Geology of the Explorador epithermal vein and Selene mining district, Apurimac, Peru: Lithostratigraphy, structure, alteration and mineralization E.P. Nelson and A. Dietrich
2005Cayce A. LillesveGeochronologic determination and petrogenetic characterization of selected units in the Trickle Mountain area of the San Juan volcanic field, southwestern Colorado R.F. Wendlandt
Heather A. LowersOrigin of fibrous amphiboles in the Iron Hill carbonatite complex, Gunnison County, ColoradoW.J. Harrison
Christopher P. ValoroseEconomic geology of the Dripping Springs area, San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, ArizonaM.W. Hitzman
2004Kathryn E. Barba?Structural analysis of mineralized veins in the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado E.P. Nelson
Adriana BlesaGeology and mineralization of the Esquel area, Patagonia, Argentina M.W. Hitzman and J.W. Hedenquist
Russell J. DowGeology of the Arizaro and Lindero gold-copper prospects, Salta province, northwest Argentina M.W. Hitzman
Walter G. OrqueraVertical variation in D veins at the El Salvador porphyry copper deposit, Chile : morphology, mineralogy, geochemistry and importance to porphyry oresM.W. Hitzman and L.B. Gustafson
Jason B. PriceStructural controls and stable isotope geochemistry of mineralization and wallrock alteration at the Bonanza Mine, Kennecott, AlaskaM.W. Hitzman
Kenzie J. TurnerAge, origin, and geochemistry of the tuff of Saguache Creek, Saguache County, Colorado R.F. Wendlandt
2003Christopher E. CarmanThe Aroona willemite trend, north Flinders Ranges, South Australia : sedimentary, structural and economic geology M.W. Hitzman
2002Eric D. DillenbeckIdentification of mineral extraction waste products using the AVIRIS, CASI, SFSI, and Hyperion imaging spectrometers at the Bauer Mill tailings site, Stockton, Utah L.G. Closs and K. Lee
Christopher Paul MazeikaLithogeochemical characterization of the Sage Breccia Pipe, Coconino County, ArizonaL.G. Closs and K.J. Wenrich
Stephen RedakTrace element geochemistry and fluid inclusion study of the Magdalena and Patricia II veins of the Santa Rita Au-Ag Mine, San Dimas District, Durango, Mexico L.G. Closs and W.W. Atkinson
Ezra YacobCorrelation of ash-flow tuffs, San Juan Volcanic Field, Colorado R.F. Wendlandt
2001Katherine E. LangerGeochemical data analysis techniques for gold exploration in Sumbawa, Indonesia L.G. Closs and G.D. Thyne
Craig McClungWall rock alteration of the Metaline Formation around the Pend Oreille Zn-Pb deposit, Metaline district, NE Washington, USAM.W. Hitzman
Ulrike MiersemannAlteration and ore mineral zonation within the Silver Plume, Georgetown district, Clear Creek County, Colorado S.B. Romberger
2000Steven T. BeachKinematic analysis of mineralized veins in the Idaho Springs mining district, central Colorado E.P. Nelson, M.W. Hitzman
Alexis Tawn CupoAlteration and mineralization at the Centenario manto-type copper deposit, northern ChileM.W. Hitzman
Dane C. EvansCarbonate-hosted breccias in the Meikle mine, Nevada and their relationship with gold mineralizationM.W. Hitzman
Kari Ann FoxFe-oxide (Cu-U-Au-REE) mineralization and alteration at the Productora prospectM.W. Hitzman
Keri H. MooreGeology of the gold-bearing L1 and L2 Liese quartz zones, Pogo deposit, east central AlaskaM.W. Hitzman
Maximino E. SimianGeology and geochemistry of the Jeronimo gold deposit, Potrerillos district, III region, ChileM.W. Hitzman
Justin Ibrahim SimonA petrogenetic comparison of early crystal-poor ash-flow tuffs, San Juan volcanic field, south-central ColoradoR.F. Wendlandt
Heidie I. TorrealdayMineralization and alteration of the Kansanshi copper deposit, Zambia M.W. Hitzman
David WinterbourneAlteration and mineralization of the San Pedro porphyry, Cerro San Pedro, San Luis Potosi?, MexicoM.W. Hitzman
Professional Master's in Mineral Exploration Students (2005-present)
YearStudent NameAdvisor
2021Dominic TaccoliniZ. Chang
2020John W. BuchananY. Kuiper
Steffanie CruseW. Bohrson
Steven Maliner-ColvinZ. Chang
2019Mary E. Bingham CheeT. Monecke
Nicole ArnushT. Monecke
Trevor CoppleN. Hurtig
Peng SunT. Monecke
2018Amanda IronsY.D. Kuiper
Patrick Scott T. Monecke
Matthew Siegel T. Monecke
Jon StaceyT. Monecke
2017Caleb Engle T. Monecke
Mark Raimo T. Monecke
2016Denis AlpE.A. Holley
Bridgette M. MillerE.A. Holley
Jacob Smith A. Gysi
2015Ambyr DouglassE.A. Holley
Maxwell HainE.A. Holley
Nathan LoeschE.A. Holley
Shawn LopezE.A. Holley
Brandon MeehlE.A. Holley
David PeakeE.A. Holley
2014Peter BriceY.D. Kuiper
Johanna Cervera AcostaE.A. Holley
Tsolmon GonchigE.A. Holley
John Meyer E.A. Holley
Mark MikosE.A. Holley
Jamison RicksT. Monecke
Edy Teodoro VásquezE.A. Holley
2013Pamela Lagrava ZamoranoE.A. Holley
2012Enrique A. Chait MolinaT. Monecke
Judith HughesM.W. Hitzman
Michael Lobato T. Monecke
Kari L. OakmanT. Monecke
Amelia T. SterlingT. Monecke
2011Matthew L. Cunningham T. Monecke
Efrain Ugarte Zarate T. Monecke
2010 Younus O. Afzali L.G. Closs
Ho Cheol ShinM.W. Hitzman
Rebecca Klein T. Monecke
2007Cassaundra CornettL.G. Closs
Laura SlatteryL.G. Closs
2006Luciana AyalaL.G. Closs
Manuel PadillaL.G. Closs
2005Dean TurnerL.G. Closs
Graduate Certificate Students (2020-present)
2021Ian Campos Carvalho