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Faculty and senior researchers within the Center for Mineral Resources Science offer a number of modular courses for students and professionals. Non-CSM students can enroll in these courses as non-degree seeking students or participate through the continuing education program at Mines.

Reflected-light and Electron Microscopy

January 11-27, 2020: GEOL 523
Instructor: Katharina Pfaff

Hydrothermal Geochemistry

January 27-February 7, 2020: GEOL 513
Instructor: Thomas Monecke

Business of Economic Geology

February 10-14, 2020 (and attendance of PDAC March 1-4, 2020):  GEOL 514
Instructor: Stephen Enders

Skarn and Related Deposits

March 9-20, 2020:  GEOL 598
Instructor: Zhaoshan Chang

Lithogeochemistry of Ore Forming Processes

April 6-11, 2020: GEOL535
Instructor: Alexander Gysi 

October 14, 2019: Garrett Gissler, a PhD student in the Center for Mineral Resources Science at Colorado School of Mines, has won the prestigious SRK U.S. scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year… [link]

June 13, 2019: The fluid inclusion study by MS student Lauren Zeeck contributes to exploration targeting at the Omu low-sulfidation epithermal camp in Hokkaido, Japan… [link]

April 15, 2019: Op-ed by Larry Meinert on space mining published in SEG Newsletters … [link]

Dec. 5, 2018: Mines Research Magazine features a story on how mathematicians and geologists collaborate to model the subsurface and increase the chances of successful exploration … [link]