Center for Mineral Resources Science

The Center for Mineral Resources Science (CMRS) is a global leader in mineral deposit and exploration research and education. The center brings together a world-class team of scientists from Colorado School of Mines and the U.S. Geological Survey conducting ore deposit research through the integration of field studies, state-of-the-art laboratory investigations, and thermodynamic and laboratory modeling. 

About CMRS

The CMRS conducts cutting-edge fundamental and applied research in mineral resources science. This research leads to a better understanding of the formation of mineral deposits and provides critical knowledge required to discover, delineate, characterize, and recover metals needed by modern society. The CMRS represents a unique research center that integrates the innovative research only possible in an academic setting with the expertise of the premier earth science federal agency that is tasked to conduct objective resource assessments and unbiased mineral resources research.

Education of ore deposit geologists has been a hallmark of Mines since its inception. The CMRS supports graduate education in economic geology and emphasizes training of students through both fundamental and industry-driven applied research. The CMRS provides an unparalleled dynamic and stimulating learning environment that prepares students to become future leaders in the minerals industry, academia, and government. In addition to graduate education, the CMRS provides a wide range of professional development training opportunities to industry professionals to increase their understanding of mineral deposits and exploration methods. 

The CMRS assists in the development of strategies to reduce the nation’s reliance on critical minerals. Based on their wealth of fundamental and applied ore body knowledge, the team at the CMRS provides sound scientific information to inform policy and decision-makers in local, state, and federal government, and outreach to citizens.

  • State-of-the-art analytical facilities
  • Graduate projects on 6 continents
  • Field trips and short courses around the world
  • Collaborations with research institutes and universities worldwide
  • Largest ore deposit collection in the U.S.

Graduate Students

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